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Invalid E-mail Addresses

Students with Invalid E-mail Addresses: Some students have provided Quest with invalid or non-functioning e-mail addresses. Would the following students please correct their profiles on Quest? Without your correct e-mail address, you will not receive e-mails from ACE or from anyone else using the e-mail address that is obtained from QUEST.

In fact, some of you have sent questions to us with these QUEST-supplied addresses in the ``From'' line and our replies to them have bounced back undelivered.

Gurveen S.
Ryan T.
Mark W.
Yonas Y.
Juan M.

Thank you for your co-operation.

More Time to Indicate RPE Choices

Due to late registrations, we see that not all of you have chosen RPEs yet. Also, we prefer that you find your own partner to our assigning a partner to you. Therefore, we have extended the deadline for indicating RPE choices until noon on Thursday 17 January.

Looking for a Role Playing Exercise Partner?: If you're looking for a Role Playing Exercise partner, consider placing your request for a partner on the General Discussion Forum at the ACE site.

Course Personnel

In any e-mail to any of the course personnel, please put ``cs492'' or ``CS492'' in the ``Subject:'' line, so that your e-mail can be spotted easily among all the spam the personnel gets

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