CS 492/692 - Spring 2016 - Assignment 3

The Changing Nature of Work with Mobile Devices


Assignment 3 is due on Thursday June 9th at 10am. It should be roughly 2000 words in length and is worth 10 marks.

The ability to bring computerized devices with us wherever we go offers some significant benefits for our work but also has its drawbacks. Discuss BOTH sides in some breadth, introducing some concrete evidence to back up your claims about the reality, citing references. Begin your essay with clear articulation of the technology underlying the mobile devices chosen as your focus for discussion, clarifying what causes this to be labelled as "computerization". Conclude with some concrete recommendations for the future.


In this assignment you will have the opportunity to conduct research on a fairly recent topic. You will be required to cite references throughout the essay, to provide a clear source of your knowledge. You will also learn how to budget your limited space in order to cover the required elements of the essay in sufficient depth and breadth, both. As you reflect on your recommendations for the future, you will also learn how to propose constructive suggestions, drawing from the previous factual information. One caution is to ensure that your essay has ample discussion of the social implications of mobile devices, so that you do consume most of the pages simply describing the technology.