CS 492/692 - Spring 2020 - Message 3

We will be running the course online this year but trying to respect as much as possible the kind of system we used when face to face. For discussion, students who would like to speak can indicate this and each will be invited to speak, one by one. But we will not be using voice or video; students will type their comments. Even in the face-to-face setting, students had been encouraged to be brief. For class participation: simply being "in class" almost all the time is sufficient to get a respectable class participation grade. For the online version this means posting once during the period beginning at the start time of the section and ending at Midnight the same day, to at least indicate: I am here but do not have a comment. As was the case with the face-to-face version, it isn't quantity of participation which matters the most; the quality of what you say is also being judged. I also make an effort give the floor to those students who have not had a chance to speak, at various times.

While students have a chance to add a post after the class timeslot has ended, this is not a competition to say as much as you can nor it is a task requiring lots of extra attention from you. Mention something if your "hand wasn't taken" or if you were unable to be online during the timeslot, make it brief and then move on to the other course requirements.