CS 492/692 - Spring 2020 - Week 1 Readings Summary

Here are some notes to remind you of the Readings of the Week, on Overview of Social Implications of Computing.

Postman - reveals 5 challenges when introducing technology (do you agree? examples?) -- tech change is a tradeoff: advantages and disadvantages (unwanted effects) -- tech benefits some and harms others --- he suggests that many in the masses do not need (precedes dawn of Internet) :: do you think that everyone really needs computerization today? --- he says that this does not improve solving social problems and on top of this we have problems like loss of privacy -- the hidden agenda of tech is that knowledge/data is power (not wisdom) -- tech introduction is not additive: considerable change comes along -- tech becomes mythic: we feel we cannot do without it --- do you recognize this reliance and acceptance of tech? are you concerned?

Social Implications of Computing 1965 -- some of the common concerns about computerization are listed here --- unemployment, loss of privacy, impersonal interactions and business --- do these problems bother you? what concerns YOU the most about computerization (the topic of A1) --- foresaw some of the positives coming from computerization: reactions?

Scheiderman -- we have a responsibility as computer scientists --- obligation to use computer tech for such problems as: poverty, world peace, helping the disadvantaged etc.: do you agree? --- government and corporiations also have a responsibility (partners) --- we can achieve significant outcomes: do you agree? --- real roadblock is human computer interaction: needs to be inclusive so we could work harder on making it accessible (agree?) --- believes that computers empower far more than they destroy (agree?) --- some top issues with computerization listed: privacy loss, unemployment, impotence of the individual, lack of self image, alienation (do you agree? do you have a top "problem"?) --- important role for groups like the ACM (agree?)

ANNOUNCEMENTS: A1 due on May 21 at 10am (Eastern) -- Look at RPE page and submit requests to the TA of your section ASAP -- read Papers on Internet for next week's Discussion