CS 492/692 - Spring 2020 - Week 12 Readings Summary

Here are some notes for the final two classes of the term, July 27 and 29.

July 27

July 27 As mentioned previously, on July 27 there will be:
a) a pointer to the CS492 speech from me already posted in the prof. Cohen folder and a few additional brief notes from me about the course
b) additional advice and direction for the completion of A5B
c) time to complete your course evaluations for the first 10 minutes
d) delivery of an A5 of a peer to you as email, towards A5B
e) two polls that will need to be completed by both synchronous and asynchronous students to make sure the process for the day is on track
f) a few important announcements
g) time for me to handle any questions from you as well

Announcements after July 27: A5B is due back no later than start of class on July 29. It is intended to take no more than 40 minutes to complete (reading the A5 from a peer and responding to the 4 questions; in other years, course evaluations plus A5B were done all in one class period) - A6 is also due by class time on July 29: plan your time to complete both tasks intelligently - A6 could have been completed a long time ago (for the most part) - come to class July 29

July 29

For our July 29 class we will cover the following:
a) time to meet the TAs: there will be a note from each in the July 29 folder: I've asked them say a few words about their current and past research of relevance to social implications of computing (you have an excellent group of PhD student TAs, whom I pre-selected for the course); you will have a chance to ask them questions - their work encompasses self-driving cars and computational neuroscience, among other topics
b) a discussion of possible new topics for CS492 in the future
c) some gold stars handed out to students who stood out in some way this term
d) open discussion for the remaining time including any topics you feel we should revisit or new ones you feel we should briefly cover; this also includes any questions for me on what I've seen with computers, over the years
e) parting words from me

Announcements after July 29: RPE grades should come to LEARN by around Aug 5 - A5, A6 and Class Participation grades are not decided until around August 21 - a note in the prof. Cohen folder will inform you when grades are ready - note that your final CS492 grade takes your total out of 50 for assignments and converts to a grade out of 60 before adding in RPE and class participation grade - I hope you enjoyed the class: it was a pleasure to get to know you all - continue to be invested in the social implications of computing and continue to imagine steps towards a better future