CS 492/692 - Spring 2020 - Week 5 Readings Summary

Here are some notes to remind you of the Readings of the Week, on Work Part I (Productivity and Nature of Work). Feel free to skim some papers.

Homework - we will begin our class with a poll to find out how many hours you each felt that you were connected to a computer in a 24 hour period and how many of these hours you felt were productive

Use of Algorithms: - the rise of predictive analytics - dealing with very large datasets - may be used for hiring and firing - loss of the personal touch? - we are online so much that we create the data to be mined - unexpected targetted ads (e.g. pregnancy-related) - could be a plus, if being more efficient

Technology and Work Life Balance, Digital Overload, Present Shock: - Kelly Services survey in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific; for Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y: regarding work life balance, value of mobile devices, number of hours spent working, opportunity to telecommute: some differences (e.g. Asia Pacific more hours, Boomers more content with work life balance): thoughts? reactions? - Telecommuting in the US: more prevalent for higher end tasks, less uptake in government - savings for the green agenda - now a dramatic reality due to the pandemic - Very easy to be digitally overloaded, with our devices: a need for a vacation/holiday from these devices - do you ever go offline? - some hotels requiring you to check your devices upon entry, to relax - chance for a boost in creativity when unattached: agree? - A real shock when "always on": multiple personalities, roles - a challenge to really unplug: could you? do you?

Productivity Paradox: - computers should make us more productive; 3 reasons cited for why that is at times not observed: i) is coming, just hasn't come yet ii) too difficult to measure/metrics are off iii) is really a time sink - the lure of "one more run" or "another report please" - need for buy-in from management (and relationship with IT branch of firm) - some outlay required: training, upkeep of equipment, etc.

Robots, Shadow Work, Job Taught to Machines; - are we at increasing risk of losing our jobs to automation, even in CS? - potential for robots in dangerous scenarios - our dignity and personal reward from work - new technologies creating more work for us - will always be a need for those who synthesize information: agree?

ANNOUNCEMENTS: - A3 due Jun 11 at 10am: remember to cite references to back up any claims being made; aim for broad and deep essays; cover all required elements - A4 is due Jul 2 and A4 groups will be revealed on Jun 12 - Jun 15 will be used for A4 groups to meet and consult: the Jun 15 Piazza Folder will provide suggestions for how to organize yourself and I will be online to respond to questions; there will be no class per se that day - Group 1 attends Wed Jun 17 and Group 2 comes Fri Jun 19 - read papers on Work part II - Prof. Cohen folder has comments on A1 of possible use towards A3 (both essays) - A2 comments will likely arrive just after A3's due date