CS 492/CS 692 S20 Course Technologies (draft)

We are using four different technologies in the course and each has a unique purpose. Be patient, please.

The primary resource is the course website and it shows all the expectations for the course, the Timetable, all the Readings, all the Assignments, any of the special Sheets used for some Assignments. It also provides links to our Piazza newsgroups (one per section).

LEARN is being used for ONE purpose only. None of the other functionalities of LEARN will be checked by instructors and TAs. We are using the Dropbox for students to SUBMIT assignments. We are also using these Dropboxes to COMMUNICATE a grade for each assignment to each student (with any accompanying notes as feedback).

Piazza is being used for online delivery. There are important notes on its intended usage on the website. Please read. There are two newsgroups and you MUST use the newsgroup for your SECTION. Newsgroups are NOT to be used to discuss assignments or to pose questions about assignments. Those questions are to come as email directly to Instructor and Head TA Andreas (who MUST be cc'ed on all correspondence). There will be folders on Piazza: one for each Date that we have a Topic-of-the-Week being discussed and one for each RPE. Each RPE Folder is used for RPE teams to upload position papers and joint communiques. It is also used for Question-Answering by RPE teams on the RPE date. Finally, it is used to accept additional reactions from students following the posting of the Joint Communique (see Dates/Timeframes specified on the Structure page of our website). One Folder on Piazza will also be dedicated for Broadcasts from Prof. Cohen. This folder will primarily be used to give a summary of what was observed after each Assignment was graded/handed back and to indicate when students should expect to see grades for their various assignments on LEARN. Students should NOT post to this Folder.

Email is used for communicating any extenuating circumstances or for any pressing concerns with assignments. The expectation is that there will be relatively few such emails during the term. Both rcohen and astoecke @ uwaterloo.ca must be copied on that email. Email is also being used to issue requests for RPEs at start of term to TAs (Atrisha or Yetian): atrisha.sarkar@uwaterloo.ca for sec1 and yetian.wang@uwaterloo.ca for sec2. Email may be used as well for some of the extra exchange of files for A5B.