CS 492/CS 692 S20 Role-Playing Exercise 8

Computers and children

Team A

A group of parents who feel that computer literacy is an essential need today, along with reading, writing and arithmetic. They argue that parents must supplement the education of their children at home in these areas, as they cannot rely on teachers to have the proper time and expertise in order to educate their children in this regard. They feel that putting computers in front of their children at home at a very early age will provide an important advantage and will provide parents with the vital first step of educating their children about computer safety.

Team B

A group of parents who feel that it is not advisable to put computers in front of their children at an early age. They argue that the time spent in front of computer screens takes away from time available to socialize face to face with friends and to be outside exercising and playing sports. They feel that whenever the school system ends up requiring computers to be used by students, then they will make an effort to acquire computer equipment of some sort at home. They are comfortable relying on schools to introduce basic computer skills.