CS 492/692 - Spring 2022 - Message 8

At this point I am just going to urge all students to carefully read any messages about how the course will be delivered. There is a section in the Structure document concerning this as well. We must be prepared to adjust to whatever UW is suggesting, if the pandemic begins to surge. That being said, CS492 is a class which can easily migrate to being entirely online, so we are in good shape. Read carefully as well a message pointed to on the main page of the website for CS492 Spring 2022, regarding Piazza. It is a page of important notes, making clear that you do not discuss assignments on Piazza. Piazza is used for specific purposes only. LEARN has ONE use only: to submit your assignments (and for us to provide feedback and eventually grades, for assignments).

You are all registered in either Section1 or Section2 of the course. Unfortunately, sec 1 is the 930am section and sec 2 is the 830am section. We will try to consistently refer to these as the 830 section and the 930 section.

Keep in mind as well that Instructor and TAs form a valuable partnership in providing you with a valuable learning experience in this course. Unusually, I am heavily involved in grading (to help you to learn how to write) and TAs are heavily involved in assessing your participation during class. I have put in considerable effort before the term began to design the assignments and the RPEs and to decide on the topics, readings, and various exercises we are doing during the term to provide you with an education. These decisions will frame a very significant part of your experience with this class this term.