CS 492/692 - Spring 2022 - Weeks 10 and 11 Readings Summary

There are no readings in Week 10 or Week 11. Use the spare time to complete A5 and A6 and any RPEs you are involved in. There will be a few position papers to read in advance of RPEs. For the If I Ruled the World class on July 15, come prepared to reveal one problem resulting from computerization and how you would go about trying to repair it, making use of computer technology to do so. This is your final chance to showcase your talents as computer scientists for this social implications course. You may choose to focus on what you discussed in A1 or mention some fascinating elements of your A4, for instance; really any issue you choose will be fine. We will try to get every student to very briefly state their problem and solution. Be creative.

*Note: All students will have the chance to contribute to class discussion. Ben will be the instructor of the day, one last time and is offering this class in person. Those not appearing in MC4040 that day are invited to add a post to the July 15 folder on Piazza: one brief post that is equivalent to talking for less than one minute.

Read the Announcements at the end of Week 9 Class Notes for a reminder on A5 and A5B taking place on Jul 20 and be ready to do course evaluations during class time that day as well; a speech on Piazza (Instructor folder) will precede this step.

The Handouts page describes how A5B will be organized on Jul 20. The first 10 minutes or so of class will be devoted to having students complete course evaluations while the TAs organize themselves in order to forward to you an A5 to be evaluated by you, as your A5B task.

Details on our July 8 guest speakers have been posted to the Instructor folder on Piazza.