CS 492/692 - Spring 2022 - Week 12 Readings Summary

Here are some notes for the final two classes of the term, July 20 and 22. We will use July 25 only if we need to recover a class that was cancelled.

July 20

Students are urged to read these posts in the Instructor folder on Piazza in order to be positioned to complete their required tasks: Message 1 on July 2022 classes, Message 2 on July 2022 classes, Final Speech and Poll re Final Speech. A few notes on the Handouts page of our website also provides you with instructions and materials that you need for the class.

For our July 20 class students will go through the following:
a) a pointer to a CS492 Final Speech from me posted in the Instructor folder on Piazza; we ask everyone to answer a poll to confirm you've seen this, before you proceed
b) time to complete your course evaluations for the first 10 minutes (a link to these is in a post on Piazza, Instructor: From Math Undergrad Office)
c) a pointer to the A5B handout available on our website (Handouts page)
d) delivery of an A5 of a peer to you towards A5B (sent as email from your TA, by 10 minutes into classtime); per Message 2 on Piazza, students are no longer required to be present in person (a TA in MC4040 will help to keep on target for the day any students who have opted to appear in class)
e) time to review the A5 you have received, complete A5B and upload it on LEARN

Students who have already completed course evaluations should please just wait to receive your A5 from the TA, as email.

For those students sitting in MC4040 we will be trying to offer you a hardcopy of the A5 that you are assigned to evaluate and the A5B form, for ease of working during classtime.

Announcements after July 20: A5B is due back no later than start of class on July 22. It is intended to take no more than 40 minutes to complete (reading the A5 from a peer and responding to the 4 questions; in other years, course evaluations plus A5B were done all in one class period and many of you may prefer to do this, to be done)

A6 is on an extended deadline, now due at 830am on July 25 (see Message 2 on July 2022 classes, Instructor folder on Piazza). This extra breathing room may be of assistance, though many of you should be quite ready to hand in by classtime on July 22, to then turn the corner on this course.

July 22

For our July 22 class we will cover the following:
a) your suggestions of possible new topics for CS492 in the future
b) some prizes handed out to students who stood out in some way this term
c) continuation of If I Ruled the World, if not yet done from July 15 (** all done; nothing left to continue)
d) open discussion for the remaining time of any social implications of computing you feel we should cover that day
e) very brief parting words from your instructional team

Those unable to appear in person (or who simply prefer not to) may post on Piazza.

We expect this class to be relatively short.

** July 21 note: Just to confirm that the last class will run as described above. It is a short class. TA Gaurav has the prizes for both sections and he will reach out to anyone who has won one and who opted not to appear in person, so that they can retrieve from him at a later date. He will add a final post on Piazza to let everyone know the recipients.

Announcements after July 22: RPE grades should come to LEARN around August 1 - A5, A6 and Class Participation grades are not decided until around August 19 - a note in the Instructor folder will inform you when grades are ready - note that your final CS492 grade takes your total out of 50 for assignments and converts to a grade out of 60 before adding in RPE and class participation grade - I hope you enjoyed the class: it was a pleasure to get to know you all - continue to be invested in the social implications of computing and continue to imagine steps towards a better future