CS 492/692 - Spring 2022 - Assignment 2

AI Ethics


Assignment 2 is due on Thursday May 19 at 10am. It will be done differently than the other essay-based assignments. For this assignment, students answer questions on a specific sheet, restricted to the space provided. These questions will challenge you to think of next steps for AI and ethics. The assignment is worth 5 marks.

For this assignment, students will be asked to reflect on ethics in advance of our class on this topic, and to also focus their attention on artificial intelligence in advance of our RPE on this topic, in order to imagine where concerns with AI ethics may arise and to suggest some concrete steps forward towards a better future,from your own creative thinking.


The main aim of this assignment is to assess your creative thinking. While your skill in writing will be evaluated carefully on the other assignments which are in essay form, in the case of this assignment, there will be instead a number grade out of 5 assigned primarily based on the quality of the ideas that you have expressed. All students will have the same space in which to write their responses.

The sheet will be posted on May 11 (on the Handouts page of this website). You are not being asked to do research or to discover the ideas of others in the field. You are being asked to spend about an hour coming up with your own, brief thoughts.