CS 492/692 - Spring 2022 - Assignment 6

Evaluation of Role Playing Exercises and Mode of Delivery


This assignment is no longer due by the start of class time on Friday Jul 22; it is now due at 830am on July 25. It should be roughly 750 words in length and is worth 5 marks. Please note that you can start this assignment much earlier in the term; you can track your attendance at RPEs and grow the required chart, progressively. NOTE: A6 must be submitted single-spaced and as pdf.

You are to keep a record of the RPEs you attended during the term. First, present a chart indicating which RPEs you attended, and provide a clarifying note if you were absent due to illness. In addition, indicate for each RPE whether you generally enjoyed it or not. For each RPE, make clear why you did or did not enjoy the RPE, very briefly, in a sentence or two, added to the chart.

Then, choose one RPE other than the one which you completed for grading. Provide your reactions to the statements made, questions you would have liked to see the participants address and your own personal opinion on the RPE (its value as a topic and whether the arguments provided by the two teams were convincing or not).

At the end of the assignment, include your general reactions to and your advice for the RPE component of CS492.

Students are also asked to revisit briefly the topic of online teaching of courses at the postsecondary level. RPE9 displays two distinct positions about the relative value of in-person compared to online. Reflect on the classes you attended in CS492 this term (in-person vs. online). Which side of RPE9 do you agree with the most, based on your experiences with our course? Examine the joint communique released from RPE9 as well. Do you agree with this middle ground or do you have other suggestions? Offer some observations that may help towards future research on the relative value of these two modes of instruction. Provide your insights from the point of view of a computer scientist, with some technical expertise. If possible, provide a specific example of something you experienced, in defending your position. You are not being asked to do any research for this assignment. This is entirely an opinion piece.

NEW:Please display your name and your section (830 or 930) on a separate cover sheet rather than on the first page, when you upload your pdf on LEARN.


There are two main purposes of the RPE part of this assignment. The first is to ensure that students are actively participating in RPEs (if able) and to provide students with additional opportunity to react to the RPEs. The second is to provide some guidance to the instructor regarding the RPE component of the course, for future deliveries of the course. The Mode of Deliery reflection will enable us to leverage our living lab experience this term, to help to guide future research into this important topic, considering our current pandemic challenges.

Please note: the TA will be independently tracking your attendance and participation at RPEs.