CS 492/CS 692 S22 Role-Playing Exercise 1

Censorship of electronic communication in foreign countries

Team A

A group of computer industrialists who feel that they must comply with the wishes of the governments of the countries in which they operate, even if the actions are not ones typically sanctioned in their own countries. This might include blocking blogs that include subversive topics and producing e-mail dumps of people deemed to be suspicious by the country's government. They feel that these demands can potentially be imposed by any country (even their own), that other competitors may gain the markets in these countries if they choose not to comply, and that they are bound by laws within the countries where they do business.

Team B

A group of human rights advocates who believe that a company should refuse to collude with misguided governments in other countries, instead banding together with competitors to provide a blanket refusal to operate in countries with unfavourable human rights legislation.