CS785 Intelligent Computer Interfaces - Fall 2012

Prof. Robin Cohen


 Mon, Wed, Fri  8:30-10:30am - MC2568

** Note: we will only be using some of the hours and some of the weeks **


Overview of Course

This course provides an overview of several subtopics in Artificial Intelligence united under the theme of Intelligent Computer Interfaces. The first half ot the course is focused on Intelligent Interaction, beginning with roots in Natural Language Processing and then progressing to a discussion of Plan Recognition, Discourse, Natural Language Generation, User Modeling and Intelligent Agents. The second half of the course is focused on various Artificial Intelligence Applications for which interface issues arise, namely Multiagent Systems, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Case-Based Reasoning and Knowledge-Based Systems, Information Retrieval and Datamining. Each part of the course includes lectures that provide the backdrop and historical perspective and paper presentations from students which introduce important current research in the subfield. Background in artificial intelligence is recommended but not mandatory.



** Schedule **

Sep 10 Introduction to course; Introduction to Natural Language
Sep 12 Introduction to Natural Language (continued); Plan Recognition
Sep 14 Discourse
Sep 17 Natural Language Generation (first half paper presentations sorted)
Sep 19 User Modeling
Sep 21 Intelligent Agents
Sep 24 Presentations by students
Sep 26 Presentations by students
Sep 28 Presentations by students
Oct 1 Multiagent Systems, Part I
Oct 3 Multiagent Systems, Part II (second half paper presentations sorted)
Oct 5 Case-Based Reasoning; Data Mining; Intelligent Information Retrieval
Oct 10 Knowledge-Based Systems; Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Oct 12 Discussion of Software Exercises (1 hour)
Oct 15 Presentations by students
Oct 17 Presentations by students
Oct 19 Presentations by students
Nov 19 Project presentations by students
Nov 21 Project presentations by students
Nov 23 Project presentations by students
Nov 26 Course Wrap-up (1 hour) (Software exercises due)

total hours: 40 (roughly same as 13 weeks x 3 hours per week)


Lecture Notes and Readings: Please click here


Project Guidelines: Please click here



* Paper presentation (15 minutes) and Handout (one page point form summary) in each of the first and second half worth 10 marks each = 40 marks
 Look here for first half papers and second half papers.

* Software exercises (acting as a user for some specific software chosen by the instructor, responding to questions about the software) 10 marks

* Project presentation (15 minute overview of final project) 10 marks

* Final project (10 page (approx. 5000 words) writeup including analysis of existing work and proposal of original work) 40 marks

Due Dates

Presentations: as scheduled, above; handout due in class when presenting (bring enough copies to distribute to the entire class)

Software Exercises: November 26

Project Proposal: November 5 (1 or 2 paragraphs max., to get approval for final project topic; handed in to my departmental mailbox any time up to this date; not graded)

Project: December 3


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