Submission Policies

CS assignments are normally due at an exact time which should be indicated on the assignment. Late assignments are not accepted except as specified on the assignment or by (rare) special arrangement.

Paper submissions must be made to the correct drop box or other designated submission mechanism. It is the student's responsibility to submit on time to the correct box. If a submission is placed in the wrong box, course staff reserve the right to refuse the submission.

Electronic submissions must be made correctly using the submit program or other designated submission mechanism. It is the student's responsibility to learn how the use the submit and lab_fees program (if applicable) well in advance of the first assignment deadline. Unless otherwise specified, email submissions are not permitted and course staff reserve the right to delete such submissions unread.

With respect to the submit program, students frequently complain near the beginning of the term that it is not working. Students are almost invariably wrong about this; in fact, they are not using it correctly. For this reason, students must ensure that they submit their first assignment at least once well before the deadline to avoid surprises near the assignment deadline. This is a good policy for all assignments; if for whatever reason an assignment cannot be completed, at least an earlier version will have already been submitted which may receive partial credit.

For the purposes of verifying your program's correctness, your code should ultimately be tested on one of the Solaris Unix student environment hosts (ie, cpu12.student.cs, etc.). This is where the autotesting for your submissions will be performed.