SE 212: Logic and Computation (Fall 2023)

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Welcome to SE212 for the fall term 2023! The first lectures are on Thu Sep 7th. Lectures will be in person. These web pages are under development and they will contain lots of useful information. Look here during the term for regular updates.

All course content will be posted on these web pages NOT on LEARN. The SE212 deadlines will appear in the LEARN calendar. All times on these web pages are in Waterloo's time zone.

  • Schedule
    • Tuesdays - Sect 001 Lecture 8:30-9:50am DWE 3516; Sect 002 Lecture 10:00-11:30am DWE 3516.
    • Wednesdays - Assignments/projects due at 9pm most weeks. Next assignment/project posted.
    • Thursdays - Sect 001 Lecture 8:30-9:50am DWE 3516; Sect 002 Lecture 8:30-9:50am DWE 3516.
  • Lectures - On the Lectures web page, there will be a pdf for each lecture, which are the slides used in class. There will also be helpful Summary Pages posted.
  • Textbook - While the lecture notes cover all the course content, we have some textbook chapters to help you with learning the material. These will be referenced in the lecture material. The textbook is freely available for you on the SE212 LEARN page.
  • Homework - Each week there will be a set of Homework problems posted to help you learn this week's material. The solution sets will be posted on the Solution Sets web page.
  • Discussion/Announcements - We will use Piazza for announcements, questions and discussions. Participation marks can come from good posts made to piazza; questions regarding the course notes and solution sets; and contributions to our software george.
  • Office Hours - We have office hours available every day except Thursday. Please see the Office Hours page.
  • Assessment - The schedule for assessments can be found at: Assessment Descriptions. Assignments and projects may be completed in groups of two. The assignments and projects will all be submitted via MarkUs. And marks will be returned to you on MarkUs. The solution sets for assessments will be posted on the Solution Sets web page. The marking scheme is described on the Marking Scheme page.
  • Questions? Suggestions? - I'm sure you've got lots of them! And we're here to help. You can send email to the instructor at: course email. We aim to create an open and welcoming environment for all students. If at any point, you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the course environment, please contact the instructor so we can improve the situation as soon as possible.

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