Practice with Ambiguities

Each group should hand in at least one of these filled out sheets. If the members of a group prefer to have individual practice, a group may hand in more than one, in which case, the names of those filling out the sheets should be in the upper right hand corner, underneath the group number. If a group hands in more than one, then each person's name must show up on the right hand side of exactly one of the handins.

There are two versions of the PDF file. One, called "commentableAmbiguityExercise.pdf", is commentable in the Acrobat Reader. You may use the "Annotation" tools under the "Comment" menu to fill in your answers. The other, "AmbiguityExercise.pdf", is not commentable in the Acrobat Reader. However, it is unlocked, so that you may use the "Add Text" tool under the "Tools" menu in the Acrobat Writer or other clones to fill in your answers. Alternatively, you can print one of the files, fill it in the hard copy by hand, and scan in the result.

You will need to submit an electronic copy of this deliverable: