IEEE standard for an SRS

SRSs often have formal structure to them. The IEEE standard is what most people look to. In case you are interested, you can look here (previous versions of the course required students to complete a real SRS): 830-1998 -- IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications
This document is available on-line to UW library patrons.  You can access the document directly from campus (via the above link). If you are off campus, then you'll need to

  1. Log onto the university's library system (using your Watcard)
  2. Follow the UW library's link for Online Reference Shelf (righthand column)
  3. Browse by category: Standards / Codes
  4. Following the link to IEEE standards
  5. Click on the IEEE Home link in the top left corner of the page.
  6. On the right, near the top of the page, enter ``830-1998'' in the field for ``Find an article in the IEEE Xplore digital library''. Then, press GO.
  7. Click on the PDF link.
Whew! If you find a shorter path to this document, let me know and I'll post the instructions here.

There's a mirror available on's website