Vihan Shah


Office: DC 2331

I am a fourth-year PhD student at the University of Waterloo in the Algorithms & Complexity Group within the Cheriton School of Computer Science. I am incredibly fortunate to be advised by Sepehr Assadi. Before this, I spent three wonderful years at Rutgers University in the theory group of the CS Department. Prior to this, I was a Computer Science major at Rutgers Camden for one year, where I was mentored by Rajiv Gandhi. I completed three years of my bachelor's in Computer Science Engineering at Mahindra École Centrale before transferring to Rutgers Camden. My research interest is streaming algorithms, and I enjoy working on graph problems in this setting.



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  1. New Lower Bounds in Merlin-Arthur Communication and Graph Streaming Verification ITCS 2024
    Prantar Ghosh, Vihan Shah

  2. Streaming Algorithms and Lower Bounds for Estimating Correlation Clustering Cost NeurIPS 2023
    Sepehr Assadi, Vihan Shah, Chen Wang

  3. Tight Bounds for Vertex Connectivity in Dynamic Streams SOSA 2023
    Sepehr Assadi, Vihan Shah

  4. Generalizing Greenwald-Khanna Streaming Quantile Summaries for Weighted Inputs ICDT 2023
    Sepehr Assadi, Nirmit Joshi, Milind Prabhu, Vihan Shah

  5. Space Optimal Vertex Cover in Dynamic Streams APPROX 2022
    Kheeran K. Naidu, Vihan Shah

  6. An Asymptotically Optimal Algorithm for Maximum Matching in Dynamic Streams ITCS 2022
    Sepehr Assadi, Vihan Shah