This page will contain announcements essential for CS133 students. Look here for breaking news about labs, assignments, embellishments or corrections to lecture material, etc. Check it once a day—and make sure you check if you expect to be working on CS133 that day.

Announcements will always be dated with the most recent announcement listed first.


Review Session Code

The code from the review session for questions 1 and the GUI question are posted here

Just a reminder, consulting hours tomorrow (Monday) are in the LAB (MC 3005), not in the consulting center!


Your Assignments Have Been Marked

Your assignments have been marked and updated online. If you wish to collect your assignments 4 or 5 today, then come to MC 4065 between 12-5pm. If you wish to collect your assignments 1-3 or remarks, then come to DC 3128 (we should be there for most of today). If you have any questions about your marks, then email us at ASAP.


Reminder: Final Review Session

This is a reminder that we will be having a final exam review session this Sunday, December 16 at 2pm in MC 2066 where we will be going over the questions here. If you have any specific questions from this sheet or in general, be sure to come prepared to ask them. This is the best way to guarantee that your question will be addressed at the review session. Otherwise, we will just go over as much as we can in the two hours.


Exam Information Updated

The exam information page has been updated with Leila's office hours and links to instructions on how to read UML diagrams. (The diagram provided as part of the case study).


Final Exam Information Updated

The Exam resources section has been updated to include a set of the F06 assignment questions for those who wanted some more practice questions/assignments.


Important Assignment 5 Information

A couple important notes to keep in mind when doing Assignment 5:

  • Buttons should be added to the Board (which extends JFrame) -- Connect4 does not necessarily need to extend JFrame
  • Sometimes when adding panels or button, nothing will show up until you call setVisible(true) again on the appropriate frame.
  • Since we are handmarking this assignment, you can use System.exit(0) if necessary despite what the assignment description says.

Final Exam Information Up

Information about the final exam is now up. The information can be found here.


Assignment 5 Board Display

Some students are reporting difficulties having the Board display with buttons in Windows and under certain window managers in Linux. The Board usually displays fine once the window is minimized/maximized or once a button is clicked. If this is happening to you, don't worry about it. Try your code on one of the Macs in the lab since this is what we will be marking on.

Error in Lab 10 Solution

If you are using the solutions to lab 10 as a starting point for lab 11, be aware that there is an error which you will have to correct. On lines 78 and 82 of SudokuPanel, you will have to switch the references to Color.BLACK and Color.RED.


Hotmail E-mail Issues

For some reason, all mail that we are sending to Hotmail e-mail addresses gets bounced back to us. All students that sent an email to us from an Hotmail account, we have attempted to send the reply to your account. In the event that your account forwards to your Hotmail account then you may not receive a reply at all without directly checking


Assignment 5 Now Available

Assignment 5, the GUI assignment, is now up. Just a reminder that it is due on December 3, the last day of classes!


Announcement for First Year CS Students

Students interested in the Digital Hardware Option should indicate their interest on-line at Please use this form even if you indicated interest in the option when you applied. More information is available from Lori Case (


Assignment 2 Can be Picked Up

Assignment 2s are ready to be picked up in either the lab or during consulting hours. Please note that some of the output did not print out as expected but rest assured, this does not impact the result of the test cases.

Also, if the problem does not specify any output, please do not add your own output! For example, do not write "Please enter a command:", assignment guidelines must be followed exactly!

For assignment 2, remark submissions are due exactly two weeks from today on Monday November 26, 2007.


Midterm Remark Deadline

The last day to hand in midterm remarks is Monday November 12, 2007. You can hand it in during our consulting hours or labs.


(Very Small) Assignment 3 FAQ Up

We've been getting a few specific questions about Assignment 3, mostly regarding the coordinate system on the Draw board and the array of Pegs in the Shape class. These questions are answered in the Assignment 3 FAQ.


Important: Extended WD Deadline for First Year Courses

For CS 133, first-year Math students in their first full-time term of study has the WD (withdrawl) deadline extended to NOON on the last day of classes (Monday December 3, 2007).

If you are interested in taking advantage of this deadline, you must see one of the Undergraduate Math advisors. Those enrolled at St. Jeromes can see either Steve Furino, Conrad Hewitt, or J.P. Pretti. Advisor office hours are listed here.

Do not go to Quest to drop the course because it will be recorded as a WF (withdrawal-failure). Also, this rule cannot apply to double degree students since they will get a failling grade from WLU if withdrawing after November 5, 2007.


Assignment 3 Typos, part 2

We have found two more typos on the .pdf file for Assignment 3. First, in the Peg class, the getColour method returns a colour object and not an int as stated. Second, on page two, in the Draw class, the description for the p command should read "its upper-left corner is at location (row, column)" and not (column, row) as stated. We will update the .pdf as soon as possible.


Assignment Automarking and Midterm Info

We have compiled our automarking test suite if you wish to try running it yourself before resubmitting. Download the archive here.

Also, there was an error in the midterm marking (Question 7). See the midterm solutions for the correct answer. If you wish to get your midterm remarked, securely attach a sheet of paper to the front of your midterm, stating clearly which questions you felt were marked incorrectly and whywhich questions you felt were marked incorrectly and why. Give the package to one of the tutors during labs/lecture or consulting hours.


Assignment 3 Typo

If you have an old version of assignment 3, you may notice that the first two screenshots of the output do not match the commands accompanying them. This has since been fixed. The copy of the assignment which is currently posted is correct.


Misc. Midterm Info

Three announcements regarding the midterm. First, the solutions are posted here. Second, we will, as part of Tuesday's lecture, be going over the midterm. Third, we will be adjusting the marks on the midterm so that it is out of 95 and not 97 as previously stated.

Update: Midterm solutions have been updated with error fixes, please redownload the latest version


Midterm Marks Available

Your midterm marks are now available online. We will be handing back your midterms and assignment 1s during your Labs next week and during our office hours.


Common Errors on Assignments

We have compiled a list of some common errors on assignments that you may wish to take a look at prior to submitting your remark form. This may explain why some of you are failing the automarking portion of the assignments.

By the way, you can pick up your assignment next week during labs or during our consulting hours, listed on the Staff page.


Wednesday Consulting Hours Cancelled

Jon's consulting hours on Wednesday are cancelled due to midterm marking.


Assignment 1 Remarks

For assignment 1 (and all other assignments), we will be following the official CS133 remark policy. You will not be resubmitting your code for remark, instead you will submit a form stating what minor changes you wish us to make before remarking it for a 5% penaly on the new mark. If you feel that your assignment is correct but our marking scripts caused it to fail, you should still submit a remark form stating so. In the event that we find that it is indeed a problem on our end, you will not be deducted the 5% penalty.

With Assignment 1 in particular, in many of the cases of automarking failure, it was due to the code being structured incorrectly. I had told some students that using next() instead of nextLine() would be incompatible with our mark script but I was mistaken -- this should actually have no effect.


No Labs this Week!

Labs are cancelled this week due to the midterm but we have already put up next week's lab (Lab 7) if you wish to work on it now. Assignment 3 has been put up as well, note that the due date for Assignment 3 is November 9, 2007, not November 2 as previously stated in the timetable -- the timetable has been updated as well to reflect this change.


Midterm Review Session and Assignment 1 Pickup

This Sunday's review session will be taking place from 2-4pm in MC 2066. We will be going over the sample midterm from Fall 2006 and we will answer whatever questions you may have regarding the midterm. Also, you will be able to pick up your assignment 1s unless you have a student code between j23willi and jy2lin (in which case we haven't yet received your assignment back from our TAs). Otherwise, we'll be handing the rest of the assignments back during your next lab (after the midterm).


Caroline's Code Examples

As requested, I'm putting up my code examples from lectures here.


Extra Office Hours

In preparation for the midterm, Leila will be holding extra office hours this week on Friday, October 19 from 2:00-4:00pm (DC 3517)


Midterm Information Updated

The midterm exam information page has been updated with everything you'll need to know for the midterm! Please make sure you read it!


Review Session For The Midterm

Just a reminder that the midterm is only one short week away. To help you, we will be holding a midterm review session on Sunday, October 21 from 2-4pm in a room TBA. We will be going over some of the things which we feel will be important to know for the midterm. So make sure you study beforehand and come with any questions you may have about the material.


Assignment 2 Now Available

Gobble gobble...Happy Thanksgiving! I bet you're all sick and tired of Hangman by now, eh? Well this is just to notify you that Assignment 2 is now available! It is due two weeks from today on October 19. Please don't leave it to the last minute!


TestCompile Non-Functional

Unfortunately, TestCompile will not be available for Assignment 1. It is a good idea to ensure that the code you submit compiles on your home computer. If it does, then it should also compile on ours.


Assignment 1 Update

Just a reminder that Assignment 1 is due in just 2 short days! So if you haven't started, you might want to get on it! Also, if you have any questions, the Assignment 1 FAQ is now up. The tutors also have Consulting Hours if the FAQ doesn't help.


Assignment 1 Available

In case you didn't know, Assignment 1 was released last Friday and is available on the Assignments page. It is due next Friday (October 5th).


Lecture Slides Posted

Due to popular demand, the lecture slides have been posted on the timetable page. This is just an electronic versions of what you have in your course notes.


Consulting Hours Cancelled

Today's consulting hours will be cancelled due to illness. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


Lost and Found

A pair of glasses was found after one of our labs today. Please contact the course staff to claim them.


Welcome to CS 133 for Fall 2007!

LAB components for CS133 will start the week of Monday September 10. That is there will be a LAB the first week of class.

Please look around the website and familiarize yourself with it and read the list of things to do before coming to the first class.

For the Fall 2006 announcements, click here.