CS 136: Elementary Algorithm Design and Data Abstraction, Spring 2022



Seashell is the course-supported environment which you can use to complete your assignments. It runs on the same environment used to test your submissions to Marmoset, and comes with an editor featuring syntax-colouring and auto-indentation for both Racket and C programs. Seashell also features an auto-saving feature which saves your work every second. Assignment skeletons will be available as each assignment becomes available, and thus you may begin your assignment without having to do any inconvenient overhead. Seashell also allows you to directly submit to Marmoset through one click.

Example Visualizer

The Visualizer contains code from slides. You can use this tool to step through simple programs and follow the creation of their call stacks.

Sorting Demos

Sorting Demos will help you visualize how the sorting algorithms work.

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