CS349 W24

User Interfaces


Slides are posted here before class: click on the topics below. Topics and dates may change as the course progresses.

Week Topics Due
1 Jan 8 Intro, Web Apps, TypeScript
2 Jan 15 Drawing, Input Events A0
3 Jan 22 Hit-testing, Animation
4 Jan 29 Widgets, Dispatch A1
5 Feb 5 Layout, MVC
6 Feb 12 HTML CSS, Visual Design A2
Feb 18 Reading Week
7 Feb 26 Text
No lectures on Mon Feb 26
Midterm on Wed Feb 28, 7 PM
8 Mar 4 Undo, Asynchonous
9 Mar 11 Declarative, Reactive A3
10 Mar 18 Effects, Direct Manipulation
11 Mar 25 Transformable, Accessibility A4
12 Apr 1 Computer Vision, Review

Lecture Demo Code Repo

You should clone and frequently pull from this UWaterloo GitLab repo. It has code relating to lectures and a git submodule with the SimpleKit UI toolkit. See the README for details for cloning and keeping everything up to date.

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