"Bob in a Box"

Strangely enough, for the ray-tracing assignment, I found that even Murphy's Law is suceptible to Murphy's Law... nothing went wrong. In fact, I was done with enough time to spend about 12 hours composing and rendering (and rendering... and rendering) my "unique scene". Some of my classmates are quite sure this is an indication that I have a horseshoe stashed in some obscene place (thank-you, Al).

Anyways, what we've got here is a little scene with Bob (his brother, Jack, was in Hollywood for a different photo-shoot) sitting in front of a mirror with a few other sundry objects strewn about.

[If you've got sharp eyes and a good monitor, look closely at the reflection of the mirrored sphere, you can see a reflection of a reflection of a reflection of Bob. Didn't even plan that, I love it when your program is smarter than you...]

I reused this scene in my project.

Dieter Shirley