A Painting of Bob

Once again, we have an image of Bob (see the ray tracing section for the original). This time, I painted Bob instead of photographing him.

The basic idea behind this technique is to use the ray tracer from Assignment 4 to point sample the scene whenever the user clicks or drags the mouse. The program then interactively drew a brush stroke based on the colour, surface normal and depth information returned by the ray tracer. Note that the brush strokes appear to be contoured along the surface, this is because they are plotted perpendicularily to the surface normal at that point.

In addition to the oil-paint style of brush, as seen with this image, I implemented sketch, watercolour and point brushes. The point brush was a big disappointment, but I created a couple of images of a cube using the watercolour and sketch brushes, links to these images follow.

A "sketch" of a cube.
A "watercolour painting" of a cube.
Dieter Shirley