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CS488/688: Introduction to Computer Graphics

Welcome to the home page for CS488/688, the introductory computer graphics course in the School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo. This course focuses on 3D graphics, although it does discuss some aspects of user interface design. CS488/688 has a fairly heavy project component and should not be taken in conjunction with other heavy project courses.



This gallery contains a selection of the best images created by past students, using software written as a part of coursework.

To the Exhibition!
How to make a contribution


General Information for CS488/688

Course description from the undergraduate calendar
University policies relating to academic offenses and student grievances
Frequently Asked Questions
Past Midterm and Exam Questions (PDF)
Glossary (PDF)
References (PDF)
gtkmm/Lua tutorial slides


Other Sources of Information

Internet Resources
Working at home
Other Waterloo computer graphics courses

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