CS 492/CS 692 W03 Role-Playing Exercises

Each student in the class must participate in ONE of the RPEs listed below. Each RPE team consists of preferably 2, possibly 3 people. The timeslot for each RPE is indicated in the class schedule handout. All of the class will be sorted into RPE groups by Wednesday January 15. Please send e-mail to tt5tran@math before January 15. You may indicate any of: which RPE topic you prefer, which team of that RPE you prefer, who you prefer to work with on your team. The TA will slot you into an RPE, as he receives e-mail, so this is more or less "first come, first served". Students who do not express a preference will be slotted into the remaining spots on RPEs.

Please note that the RPEs listed below are not chronologically ordered. To find out when a particular RPE will take place, please refer to the timetable. Also, please check the table below to see which slots are still open before you send your preference to the course TA.

Team ATeam B
RPE1 Adrian Smieliauskas

Peter Lolley

Reza Kajbaf

Martin Esaiasson

Magnus Nilsson

David Gussin 

RPE2 Farzana Nawaz

Jeffrey Fong

Jeanette Andersson

Stephen Wong

RPE3 Michael Quek

Tim Windsor

Muneer Mirza

Tyler Rooney

RPE4 Stephen Ma

Wayne Chang

Darryl Baldock

Pat O'Neil 

RPE5 Andrew Mcleod

Manish Joshi 

Ali Ahmed

Sarwat Wasim

RPE6 Bartek Borowinski

Jeremy Cook

Jesse Chor

David Swallow

RPE9 Simon Forsyth

Dmitri Savin

Vance Lockton

Brad Beattie


Matt Goyer

Kevin Regan

James Wills

Siyan Li


Munir Nasser

Jennifer Kim

Daniel Parish

Kevin Ma

Last updated Feb. 05, 2003.