CS 492/CS 692 S22 Handouts

This page will provide a link to a Handout, each time that one is to be distributed, in conjunction with a lecture or an assignment. The link will go live shortly before the class in question, per the timeable.

The handouts to be posted here will include: A2 sheet, Ethics Workshop handout and A5B sheet. If the TAs have instructions on A5 formatting, this will be indicated here as well.

  • Let's Solve a Pandemic: Set up of Let's Solve a Pandemic May 27 class
  • The May 27 class is intended to be an enjoyable brainstorming exercise and does not require any extra research. We will explain this in further detail the previous week.

    Assignment 2 sheet (txt)

    Assignment 2 sheet (docx)

    Note that A2 is intended to only take 50 minutes to complete and is not asking for research to be done. The layout gives you an idea of the expected space for each answer. Fill in a tex or doc file if you like but upload the PDF of that on LEARN.

    While we are expecting just one page to be submitted, if you want to remove the Instructions to fit one page that is acceptable. Do not, however, remove the Questions. (If you spill over very briefly to a second page that is also fine). We expect all students to do well on this assignment. We are giving you an opportunity to think and we are judging your ability to think. There is no right or wrong answer.

    Assignment 5B (doc) sheet
    Assignment 5b (pdf) sheet

    A sheet for A5B has been posted here now, above. The layout gives you an idea of the expected space for each answer; submit PDF on LEARN. Ignore the 2020 header; this is indeed for 2022.

    A5b is to be submitted no later than class time on July 22. We urge you to simply complete it during class July 20. You will not able to do so until you receive an A5 from your TA. This will happen about 10 minutes into class time July 20. The first 10 minutes of the class will be used to ask you to complete course evaluations; this will give the TAs time to organize the distribution of A5s to students. A5b is primarily a learning experience: to see how others write essays, to then reflect on how you can write well (or avoid writing poorly). The peer's A5 grade will not be influenced by your A5b and your name will not be revealed to the peer. You will receive very brief feedback on your performance in completing A5b, which counts towards your class participation (in a modest way). Read the webpage for ClassNotes, Week 12 to learn all details of the July 20 class.

    For your A5 essay on the impact of computerization for a segment of society, please INCLUDE a COVER PAGE that clearly shows your NAME.