CS898 - Fall 2019

Technological Solutions to Social Problems of Computers

(Tentative Outline)

Time and Location: DC2568, Mondays 2 hour block; 930-1120am
Prof. Robin Cohen
rcohen AT uwaterloo DOT ca

The hallmark of this course is its unique opportunity for grads to learn about social implications.
Students also gain invaluable experience in thinking creatively, proposing novel technological solutions.
There is also significant effort to provide feedback on oral and written communication.

An overview of the course and its (tentative) schedule is here.

It replicates the extended outline displayed on my website.
It describes the purpose of the course, lists the required tasks
for the Workload and presents the Schedule of classes for the term.

A description of the Group Projects is here.

A description of the Individual Projects is here.

An additional note on Individual projects is here.

A list of the Readings of the Week for each week is here.