Submitting Assignments with submit

Many CS assignments are submitted electornically using the submit command. This command copies files from your personal account into a handin directory in the course account.

Typed by itself, like this:


It gives you a basic guide to the options for submit. Full information may be found using the man pages. To do this, type the following command:

man submit

For information about syntax and what options are available, read the man page.

Using submit

The directions that follow apply to a given course csXXX and an assignment assignCode. For a list of codes for a given course, type submit csXXX -L.

  1. Log in to your CS standard environment account
  2. At the prompt, if you are unsure of which files are being accepted for a particular assignment, check the list of accepted files by using the -L option. Type
             submit cs assignCode -L
  3. Move to the directory where the files to be submitted are located. So if you put all of the files in the directory u/your_user_id/csXXX/assignCode, then you should type
             cd csXXX/assignCode
    The cd command is used to change directory in Unix. Notice that directories in Unix use forward slashes, not like the MS-DOS/Windows backslashes.
  4. Type
             submit csXXX assignCode .
    The . at the end tells submit to submit all of the files in the current directory that are required for this assignment.
  5. To check that your assignment was submitted properly, use the -l (lower case L) option. Type
             submit csXXX assignCode -l
    This will allow you to verify which of your files have been accepted. It is your responsibility to make sure that the correct files have been submitted and that they are of the correct size.

Troubleshooting Submission Difficulties

If the information in this section is not helpful, you should contact an ISA/IA for assistance.

Late Assignments & Multiple Submissions

Late assignments are permitted only when specifically allowed by the instructor. Usually a CS course will have a very strict policy allowing only a certain number of assignments to be submitted a certain amount late. Check your course web page for detailed information.

One thing which frequently confuses people is how multiple submissions of the same assignment are handled, in particular with respect to counting lates. When you submit your assignment, your files are copied into the course account. If you are submitting late, then your name is added to the list of people who have submitted that assignment late. If you have already submitted that assignment late, your name is not added twice - so that assignment counts as just one late. Since you can submit your assignment as many times as you want, with the last submission being the only one which counts, you should submit it as soon as you have anything at all. Then if for whatever reason you can't finish, you will at least get marks for what you did get done. This applies throughout the process of finishing your assignment, so you should submit each assignment several times. If you are submitting late, you can submit the same assignment late several times without additional lates being counted.