Final Draft Specification for Your System

You are to produce a final version of a complete requirements specification of the identified scope of the system that your group is prototyping in SE 490; The identified scope is that embodied by the final and mutually consistent

produced for your group's Deliverable 4, from your group's Deliverables 1, 2, and 3, amended only to fix defects in them mentioned in your TA's feedback to Deliverable 4. [If this restriction of Deliverables 1, 2, and 3 to the state that existed for Deliverable 4 is a real problem for your group, speak with your TA and the course prof.] This complete requirements specification can be in any of a number of formats, including, but not limited to: The key criterion for completeness is that the group, in writing the specification, is forced to flesh out all the requirements that are already present in the chosen scope of the system that you are prototyping in SE 490.

To start producing this specification from the final mutually consistent versions of the three artifacts that you handed in as Deliverables 1, 2, and 3, you will have to produce an updated version of each of these three artifacts in which:

The main additional information, beyond that coming from the three artifacts, needed in the complete requirements specification is or the equivalent, as agreed to by your TA and the prof, appropriate for your group's format. All other format-specific variations in the specification fall out of this information.

To try to be more precise, regardless of format, your specification will include at least

Each scenario is expressed in natural langauge in one of several possible formats, including:
  1. the format of Lihua Ou's WD-Pic User's Manual,
  2. the format of Adobe Acrobat's online help pages, and
  3. an approved equivalent.

You must follow any relevant advice given in the "User's Manual Advice" slides.

Most importantly, you have corrected all problems in your group's Deliverable 4 that were noted by your TA. Failing to do so will cost you as much as 25% of the possible points that you can earn.