Your work in CS135 will be assessed in a variety of ways. We hope that CS135 will be able to be conducted entirely in-person. However, we may be forced on-line for some or all of the course.

Each marked component of the course will earn you “points”, which may differ if it is in-person or on-line. Your mark for the course will be the total of the points you earn divided by the points available times 100.

Work In-person On-line
Assignments 45 45
Midterm Exam 1 6 3
Midterm Exam 2 13 7
Final Exam 30 15
Class participation 4 4
Tutorial participation 2 0

For example, suppose everything is in-person except the final exam. You earn 80% on assignments (36 points), 50% on midterm 1 (3 points), ace (100%) midterm 2 and the participation marks (13 + 4 + 2 points) and get 80% on the final (12 points). You’ve earned $36+3+13+4+2+12 = 70$ points out of the 85 available. So your mark for the course is $70/85*100 = 82$. This is known as the “normal calculation”.

There is one caveat – in order to pass the course, you must:

  • earn half of the available assignment points and
  • earn half of the available exam points.

If you don’t meet the above requirement, your final mark will be the smaller of the normal calculation and a mark of 46%.

A passing mark in CS135 is 50%. However, to go on to CS136 you need a mark of at least 60%.

An INComplete will be assigned to a student with more than 3 excused1 assignments or more than 1 excused exams, provided the instructors think the student has a reasonable expectation of passing the course.

  1. “Excused” means you have adequate documentation that has been accepted by course personnel (likely meaning Karen Anderson ). ↩︎