Class Participation

We will be making use of iClickers in lectures and tutorials to engage students and provide instant feedback. Research shows that this is an effective way to help students learn better.

New iClickers can be purchased at the UW bookstore in South Campus Hall for around $50. You can also buy a used iClicker which is cheaper. CS 135 does not support iClicker Go or clickers for mobile devices.

Using your iClicker

When using your iClicker in the classroom, make sure you’ve set the frequency correctly. The frequency must be set at the beginning of every class. The frequency code for the classroom is a two letter combination that is usually posted on the wall near the front of the room. After you cast your vote, the Vote Status light on the clicker should flash green.

Grading and Marks

Your 5% class participation mark is completely determined by the best 75% of your clicker responses. The 25% we don’t count includes, without verification needed, missing class for illness, Coop interviews and whatever other reasons, as well as things like forgetting to bring your clicker to class, setting the frequency incorrectly, having a dead battery, etc.

Clicker questions in lectures are for marks; clicker questions in tutorials are not for marks. However, if at the end of the term your final mark is just below 50% or 60%, we may look at your clicker responses in tutorials to decide if we should round your mark up.

You must attend the lecture section you are registered in to receive participation marks.

Clicker marks are posted on the View Marks page about one week after the lecture. If you have problems with your clicker marks, refer to the Common Clicker Questions and Issues section below. If you are still having any issues, please email for help.

Due to university policies on academic integrity, you may not bring a friend’s clicker to class and enter answers for him or her. You may not share clickers with other students.

iClicker Registration

You must register your iClicker so that we can assign marks appropriately.

Other courses may also request registration of your iClicker. That’s fine, but doesn’t help CS135. You must use the above link for CS135.

If you decide that the 5% participation mark is not worth buying an iClicker, you can forfeit the 5% participation mark. However, you still have to register here to complete Assignment 0. In this case, use your eight digit student ID number as the iClicker ID.

Common Clicker Questions and Issues

  • How do I check my clicker participation marks so far? See “Why aren’t my clicker marks up-to-date on the course website?” before using the View Marks link (in the table of contents on the left).

  • Do I have to bring my clicker to lectures/tutorials? Clicker responses in lectures count toward your 5% participation mark in the course. While you don’t have to bring your clicker to tutorial, we do recommend bringing them to make tutorials more interactive and engaging.

  • What if I have to miss lecture because I am ill/have Co-op interviews/slept in, etc.? If you can’t attend your lecture, you are welcome to attend another, if there are enough seats after those who are registered in that section, but clicker marks won’t be counted (though the learning and understanding will help on assignments and exams). Please note that giving your clicker to a friend to use in your absence is an Academic Violation for you and your friend; the same penalties as cheating apply.

  • What happens to my participation mark if I forget to bring my clicker to class or it isn’t working? If it isn’t working, try to figure out the problem as soon as possible (see other questions and answers). Information about your participation mark can be found above in the Grading and Marks section.

  • What do I do if I switch lecture sections or get a new clicker? Please send an email to the course staff so we can reconfigure your clicker registration. Remember that you must attend your registered LEC section for your clicker responses to count; when you officially change sections, we have to make an adjustment so answers submitted in your previous registered section get counted.

  • What do I do if I have been using an unregistered iClicker? Register it here. You will still be given credit for any responses you made before you registered the clicker.

  • How do I know if my clicker is working? After answering an active question, a light on your clicker will blink green to indicate the answer was properly received. If you are using an iClicker2 refer to the feedback on the built-in screen.

  • Why aren’t my clicker marks up-to-date on the course website? Clicker marks are not always immediately updated after lectures (but they should usually be updated by the end of Friday). If it has been more than a week since your marks have been updated, please contact the course staff.

  • I accidentally pressed the wrong answer button. We only record the last answer that you submit. If you resubmit the correct answer before the questions ends, you will still receive full marks.

  • The light is turning red whenever I submit an answer. A red light means your answer is not recorded/recognized. Make sure your clicker is set to the correct frequency for your current room. You can do this by holding the power button for a few seconds (until the power button starts flashing), and then enter the two letter frequency code for your lecture room, posted at the front of the room.

  • My participation marks say I did not answer x out of y questions but I know I did. See “How do I know if my clicker is working?” and “The light is turning red whenever I submit an answer” above. Are you attending your registered LEC section or did you change your registered LEC section and forget to notify us? Did you register your clicker ID with us (see “What do I do if I have been using an unregistered iClicker?” above) or possibly register with the wrong clicker ID (contact course staff to check)? If none of these problems apply to you, please contact the course staff.

  • What versions of the iClicker work? The original iClicker, iClicker+, and iClicker2 will all work. We do not support the iClicker app.

  • How do I turn it on/off? Briefly press the power button. Holding the power button will instead change the clicker frequency.

  • My clicker keeps turning off Your iClicker will automatically turn off after a few minutes to conserve the battery. You may also want to ensure that your batteries aren’t very weak or have died.