This page will contain information on the times, dates, locations, and coverage of the midterm and final assessments, as soon as those are stabilized.


  • Midterm 1: October 8th - October 9th; Covering up to the end of Module 6
  • Midterm 2: November 5th - November 6th; Covering up to the end of Module 10
  • Final Assessment: TBD;

Assessment Procedures

Assessments will be administered the same as assignments, with a few key differences

  • No help will be provided on Piazza or during Office Hours
  • Less time is provided
  • There may be high level short answers in addition to programming problems
  • Basic tests will only check that your files are runnable


The best way to study is to code complete solutions to practice questions from the textbook, lectures, assignments and/or tutorials, without looking at solutions. Do not forget to test your solutions.

It’s also worthwhile to think of your own questions, either for your own use or to exchange with friends. Schedule your studying over as long a period of time as you can manage, and don’t make any individual study session too short or too long.

There are more suggestions in the Thrival Guide.

Practice Exams

Practice exams are available on the Solutions web page. Note that these are written exams, not online assessments, so the format and content are a little different.

A few things to note

  • The course content changes from term to term, and so does the coverage for the midterm.
    • In F17 “structures” were introduced much sooner. So you shouldn’t worry about Q5 on that exam, you haven’t learned the material that it’s testing!
    • The style guide has changed slightly from term to term, too.
  • The solutions have not been posted, and solutions will not be provided. It’s easy to see a solution and tell yourself you could do that. It’s not always as easy to actually do that. These exams are to help you practice writing code, not to help you read code.
    • We’ll be happy to go over your own solutions, once you’ve written them.
  • The practice exams have their own tips at the top. Ignore the one about practicing using a pencil. Your assessment is not written, so you don’t need to practice your pencil skills.