CS 350 - Operating Systems

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Lecture notes are required for this course.

Subject Silberschatz Three Easy Pieces 2up Notes 1up Notes
Introduction; Background and Overview Chapters 1-2 Intro 2-up 1-up
Threads Chapter 4 Dialogue  Intro  Threads 2-up 1-up
Synchronization Chapters 3 (3.4.1), 6 and 7 Locks  Lock Use  CV's
Semaphores  Bugs
Summary Dialogue
2-up 1-up
Processes, The Kernel, and System Calls Chapters 2 (2.3, 2.4) and 3 (3.1-3.3) Dialogue  Processes
Process API  Context Switch & Sys Calls
2-up 1-up
Virtual Memory Chapters 8,9 Address Spaces  Memory API
Address Translation  Segmentation
 Free Space Mgmt  Paging  TLBs
Smaller Page Tables  Replacement/Swapping
Replacement Algorithms
2-up 1-up
Scheduling Chapter 5 Scheduling  MLFQ  Multiple CPUs 2-up 1-up
Devices and I/O Chapters 12 and 13 I/O Devices  Hard Disk Drives 2-up 1-up
File Systems Chapters 10 and 11 (excluding 11.8, 11.9) Files and Directories  File System Implementation  FSCK & Journaling 2-up 1-up
Virtual Machines New! 2-up 1-up

Note: The columns "Silberschatz" and "Three Easy Pieces" in the table above refer to chapters from the suggested textbooks.

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