CS 492/CS 692 W04 Role-Playing Exercises

Please read the RPE requirements first.

Each student in the class must select ONE of the RPEs listed below to complete. Each RPE team consists of preferably 2, possibly 3 people. The timeslot for each RPE is indicated in the class schedule handout and in the online timetable. All of the class will be sorted into RPE groups by Wednesday January 14. Please send e-mail to cs492@student.cs.uwaterloo.ca before January 14. You may indicate any of: which RPE topic you prefer, which team of that RPE you prefer, who you prefer to work with on your team. The TA will slot you into an RPE, as he receives e-mail, so this is more or less first-come, first-served. Students who do not express a preference will be slotted into the remaining spots on RPEs. The TA will continuously update the list of students assigned to RPEs on the course website, to show what is still available to select.

Please note that all students are expected to ATTEND all RPEs, to present questions to the teams in the discussion period. If the class size remains very large, we will refine this to require each student to attend a specific subset of the RPEs (to reduce the numbers of students attempting to participate in discussion at each one). The decision about reducing the number of RPEs attended will be made Jan 16.

All students will complete Assignment 7, due on the last day of class (Mar 29), which records the RPEs attended (and includes a longer commentary on ONE of the RPEs). The TA will at the same time be registering attendance as well and recording participation. Please note that the RPEs listed below are not chronologically ordered. To find out when a particular RPE will take place, please refer to the timetable. Also, please check the table below to see which slots are still open before you send your preference to the course TA.

The following RPE is included as a possible selection, to give some flexibility, in case there is insufficient interest in one of the official RPE choices. Students are welcome to sign up for this RPE and if it is selected, it will replace one of the scheduled RPEs that has not generated sufficient interest from the students.

Please note: we do not have time for more than 12 different RPEs, altogether, in the course.

Please note: RPEs 12 and 13 have been removed from the course.

Here are the formatting guidelines for your Position Paper and Joint Communiqué:

Team A Team B
RPE1 Greg Wiseman
Allan Dang
Mike Yassa
Brett Slote
Michael Busheikin
Dmytro Kavchak
RPE2 Stephanie Chow
Julian Chan
Lisa Rubini
Claus Spitzer
RPE3 Ben Korvemaker
Mike Wilston
Tam Do
Rebecca Rotman
Andrew Woronowicz
Haran Aruliah
RPE4 Joel Zacharias
Matt Antaya
Brendan Murphy
Jon Niemi
Martin Markiewicz
Josh Elliot
RPE5 Roger Ivan
Chunhui Guo
Philip Chau
Ben Huang
RPE6 Magda Siemiginowski
Carolyn Welch
David Carvalho
Martin Orwinski
RPE7 Nick Landry
Ben Chen
Olga Drozd
Shabnam Ivkovic
RPE8 Mandeep Mann
Daman Leung
Phil Jarmuth
Wanbun Ho
Tania Sung
RPE9 Peter Chung
Michael Mongiardi
Graham-John Salvaterra
Grant Arundell
David Chodos
RPE10 Nicholas Zacca
Yen May Ong
Wilson Kwan
Nathan Kashyap
RPE11 Nellie Chen
Shivani Aggarwal
Nicholas Lee
Serena Wong
Herman Wong
RPE12 Unvailable
RPE13 Unvailable

Please send any corrections to cs492@student.cs.

Last updated Jan 9, 2004.