CS Resources - ISG Service Guidelines and Expectations

This page and the pages linked off it summarize the most important policies related to ISG CS courses and the students taking them. As a large organization with many people, the School of CS (SCS) has a number of policies which are not always enjoyed by the people to whom they apply. As well, long experience has led most people who teach CS courses to similar policies on some additional matters that are not explicitly covered by SCS policies. Again, these policies are not always enjoyed by those to whom they apply. The best defence against being disadvantaged by any of these policies is to know them. Students are strongly recommended to read these pages carefully.

Note that each offering of a course will have its own policies which may differ slightly from the policies discussed here. Such differences should be minor and should be fully explained on the web page for that course, under the "Current Term" heading. An attempt has been made to indicate in these pages which policies are likely to differ and which ones should not differ. If you are unsure of anything, please clarify with your instructors or ISAs.

Instructor Guidelines

UW Policies