CS 231: Algorithmic Problem Solving

Welcome to CS 231!

This term, material for the course will be divided between this website (resources and reference materials) and the LEARN site (announcements and updates).

For each of the sections of the website, listed below, please see when and if you need to read the material provided.

Mental health resources: This section discusses both mental health and diversity, though it hasn't been updated to reflect possible changes to on-campus services this term.

Policies and marks: This section outlines course policies as well as university policies. Be sure to read the information here carefully to make sure that you uphold the necessary standards of academic integrity and that you know your rights.

Contact information: Consult this section for information on how to use Piazza as well as whom to contact for various issues that arise.

Schedule: You can plan your time based on the schedule listed here, which includes lecture material, Python and math sessions, reading material, and due dates for each week of the term.

Lectures: This page outlines the topics covered in each module.

Resources: This section is a repository for extra reading materials and source code referenced in the lectures, as well as the math guide and session material and general course information.

Python: Make sure to consult the style guide provided here to ensure that your code fits the required standards. In this section you will also find Python modules provided for the course, Python guides and session materials, and resources for review.

Grading: Consult this page for the mark breakdown, marking policies, and what to do if you believe there was a marking error.

Assignments: Make sure you understand the assignment policies, including the need to submit an academic integrity declaration in order for you work to be marked.

Assessments: This section has information on the quizzes and final assessment.