CS 231: Algorithmic Problem Solving

Course information


This course has been designed so that all the material you need will either be available on the course site or explained in lecture. Those who wish to have an additional resource may find a textbook helpful. The textbook is optional, not required; it does not cover all the course material, but has additional material on algorithms for those interested in additional application areas. Where they differ, style and terminology used in lectures, not the textbook, should be used.

    Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms, third edition
    Anany Levitin
    Pearson, 2011

  • Coverage of course material by the textbook can be found in this document.


The resources below are summaries and/or extensions of material covered in lecture as well as resources for the math session. For the math session, please attempt the exericises (either at the session or on your own) before downloading the solutions.

Please see the Python page for resources relating to Python, including information for the Python sessions.

Lecture videos

Videos of lectures are available on LEARN. In case it is easier for you to process the material in a different way, audio, transcripts of the audio, and slides are also available.

Source for examples

Code used in lecture can be downloaded here.