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CS493 Schedule
CS493 Deliverables
CS494 Schedule
CS494 Deliverables
Demo Day
Sprint 1: Proposal
  • 15-20 minute presentation
  • slides
    • team name, project name
    • problem to be solved / opportunity identified
    • intended users
    • limitations of existing solutions
    • your idea/plan
    • stakeholder interaction - feedback
  • paper prototype/gui mockup
  • report (just 1/2 page this sprint) - due Friday on Slack
    • describe team organization
    • describe infrastructure setup
  • give TA and instructor access to code repo
  • critiques (up to 1/2 page per team) - due Friday on Slack
    • constructive criticism on problem domain/project idea
    • constructive criticism on proposed product/solution
Sprints 2-4: Status Reports
  • There will be five two-week sprints over the last 10 weeks of the term. Sprints 2 - 4 will end with a team meeting with the TA and instructor and submission of a report (on slack).
  • The report should be at least one page and at most two pages, PDF format. It should cover:
    • Features/tasks completed by each student
    • Commit hashs corresponding to completed features
    • Evaluate overall state of project
    • Features/tasks for next sprint
  • There is no rubric for this component. We will be evaluating progress and/or effort for each sprint.
Sprint 5: End of Term Presentation
  • The last sprint of the term ends in a class presentation and demo.
  • The slide deck for the presentation will be counted as the final report and must be submitted on slack in PDF format.
  • This sprint is worth 45% of the term grade and is broken down as:
    • presentation and demo 5%,
    • technical achievement 35% (complexity, usability, design robustness), and
    • process 5% (testing, planning, risk management).
  • The presentation should tell the story of how you developed your product. It would likely contain most of these elements:
    • problem description,
    • review of existing solutions,
    • your solution design and features,
    • your process and who did what,
    • challenges (what you tried; what you learned by trying),
    • user testing if appropriate,
    • other testing,
    • a demo (live or pre-recorded),
    • features planned for next term, and
    • risk identification and planning for next term.
  • The presentation should be 20-25 minutes in length. Practice it and time it beforehand. Time overruns will hurt the presentation grade.

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