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Demo Day
What to Expect

Demo Day is a symposium-style event where you show your project to the UW community and the public. There are three main requirements: poster, demo, and presentation. The event lasts from 9am-5pm with the awards presentation at 6pm. Sponsors (TBD) are donating cash that will be split into several awards to recongize teams who have done good work. Food will be provided in DC 1301 (a.k.a. the Fishbowl): morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack. Bring a water bottle - talking to people all day is thirsty work. A water bottle refill station will be provided in DC 1301.


Each team will have a booth which consists of two stacking exam tables side-by-side with a poster board behind. Power connections will be available at each booth. It is assumed that WiFi will suffice for connectivity unless you specify that a wired connection is necessary. You will need to supply whatever equipment is necessary for your demo - typically a laptop, tablet, or smart phone, or a combination. At least one team member should be at the booth all day in order to talk to visitors and demonstrate your project. Referees will also come around to evaluate both your project quality and communication skills via demo and poster.


Posters should be 3' (36 inches) wide by 3' (36 inches) tall. That's about 0.91m x 0.91m in metric. Teams are responsible for printing their own posters. You can have them printed on campus at W Print:

  • exclusively at the SCH location
  • $5/sqft for cheaper paper and $8/sq ft for nicer satin paper
  • give yourself at least 72 hours turn-around time
  • questions: prs.poster@gmail.com, or x32251
There are other cheap options for poster printing closeby (i.e. in the plaza).


Your team will be scheduled to give a 20 minute presentation during demo day. Look at Sections 7.4 and 7.2 of the SE Capstone Handbook. Also read the Harvard Business Review extract How to Give a Killer Presentation. Typically a subset of the team gives the presentation. It is up to you to decide what combination of presenters will be most effective.

Presentations will be recorded for future educational use. Waivers need to be signed for this. You have the option to refuse being recorded. One of the presentation rooms will be live-streamed for the convenience of external referees.

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