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CS493 Schedule
CS493 Deliverables
CS494 Schedule
CS494 Deliverables
Demo Day
Sprints 1-4: Status Reports
  • There will be four two-week sprints over the first 9 weeks of the term. Sprints 2 - 4 will end with a team meeting with the TA and instructor and submission of a report (on slack).
  • The report should be at least one page and at most two pages, PDF format. It should cover:
    • Features/tasks completed by each student
    • Commit hashs corresponding to completed features
    • Evaluate overall state of project
    • Features/tasks for next sprint
  • There is no rubric for this component. We will be evaluating progress and/or effort for each sprint.
Sprint 5: Demo Day
  • Scheduled for Thursday, March 26
  • Held in DC foyer, seminar rooms, and fishbowl
  • Will be graded by course personel plus one other (faculty or outside person with interest in project)
  • Mark breakdown:
    • 60% technical accomplishment (Complexity, Usability, Design Robustness)
    • 20% communication (for poster, booth demo, 20 minute technical presentation)
    • 20% results (see results rubrics below - only one will apply)
IP/Privacy/Ethics Analysis
Results Rubrics

Consultant Category

  • A : customer has tested your final product and given feedback
  • A- : customer has tried multiple early prototypes
  • A+ : customer plans to deploy your product within their organization
  • B : you have solicited customer requirements but they have not tried any working product
  • C : customer communication is terminated
FOSS Category
  • A : new project is published in open-source forum and has several downloads, OR patch to existing FOSS project has been submitted and reviewed
  • A- : new project exists but few early adopters, OR patch submitted but not yet reviewed
  • A+ : numerous downloads of new project with feedback or even submissions from outside users, OR patch to existing project has been accepted
  • B : no users/downloaders of new project outside of team, OR patch to existing project appears to work
  • C : new project is not published, OR patch or contribution to existing project not submitted
New Product Category
  • A : product has 50+ returning users who aren’t all your friends, OR rigorous user study
  • A- : product has 10+ returning users who aren’t all your friends
  • A+ : product has 200+ returning users; has gotten positive reviews in public forums such as reddit, hacker news
  • B : product works but few returning users
  • C : incomplete product
Research Category
  • A : technical report published, OR submitted to a peer-reviewed conference
  • A- : results ready but no attempt to publish yet
  • A+ : paper accepted in recognized peer-reviewed venue
  • B : results available but analysis incomplete
  • C : little data to show

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