Study Modules

Study Modules

The course content is divided into 19 study modules, each with a distinct topic. The course Calendar contains a schedule of which modules you should be studying.

The study modules are based on slides that, before COVID, were used for in-person lectures. Moving forward, we are supplementing those slides with side-by-side commentary. That commentary is often text, may be video where that’s judged to be particularly suitable, or simply blank if we think the slide(s) in question are self-explanatory.

The study modules are also supplemented with exercises – short problems that you should be able to do quickly based on the material just covered to check your understanding and build your confidence.

The study modules contain self-assessment questions as well. These multiple-choice questions will form part of your mark for the term.

The best way to view the slides and commentary is with your browser window wide enough for them to display side-by-side.

You can see the complete list of study modules on the web site. This page also contains links to PDFs of the slides that work better with screen-readers, if you use such technology. The PDFs also print better than the web pages.

Logging in

For the time being, at least, you will need to log in to access the “Slides with Commentary” pages. At the moment it’s required to give you marks for the participation or self-check questions. It’s our hope that eventually anyone can view the pages and you only need to log in when answering the questions.

M01 has no participation questions and thus you don’t need to log in for that one.

If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be asked to do so as soon as you attempt to access a page that requires it.