Study Modules

Study Modules

The study modules are the intellectual content of CS135 divided into 19 topics. Most topics will take about a day; some will take less (e.g. natural numbers, patterns of recursion) and some will take more (e.g. lists and trees). Our lectures will not necessarily end at a topic division.

On the left side of each study module you’ll find the slides that we’ll be discussing in class. These are also available as 1-up and 3-up PDFs . We recommend that you print out the 3-up version and bring it to class for taking notes.

The right side of each study module is “commentary”. Much of this is written. Some are videos. Some use an interactive “stepping” tool. This is most of what we provided students during the height of the pandemic and is what they used to learn the material instead of coming to class. We’ve left it available in case you get sick and miss a lecture or want to review something from class.

Logging in

For the time being, at least, you will need to log in to access the “Slides with Commentary” pages. If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be asked to do so as soon as you attempt to access a page that requires it.