Instructors give overall direction to the course, deliver lectures, hold consulting hours, set assignments and exams.

Byron Weber Becker
Charlie Clarke
Office Hours:M 6AM - 7AM Q&A, M 6PM - 7PM 1-1
Rob Hackman
Office Hours:T 1PM - 2PM Q&A, Th 1PM - 2PM Q&A
Daniel Holtby
Office Hours:M 9AM - 11AM 1-1, T 9AM - 11AM 1-1
Edward Lank
Office Hours:M 8AM - 9AM 1-1, T 7AM - 9AM 1-1, Th 8AM - 9AM 1-1
Cameron Morland
Office Hours:M 9AM - 10AM Q&A, W 9AM - 10AM Q&A, F 9AM - 10AM Q&A
Paul Nijjar
Office Hours:T 9:30PM - 10:30PM Q&A, Th 9:30PM - 10:30PM Q&A
Stacey Watson
Office Hours:W 8AM - 9AM 1-1, F 8AM - 9AM 1-1

Instructional Support Coordinator

The ISC gives long-term support and continuity to CS135, hires ISAs, deals with cheating cases, coordinates marks, etc.

Karen Anderson
Office Hours:By appointment

Instructional Apprentices (IAs)

IAs are graduate students with a mandate to be more involved with teaching (via tutorials). They also help with marking.

Josh Jung
Gregory Philbrick
David Thomas Radke

Instructional Support Assistants (ISAs aka tutors)

ISAs are undergraduate students hired to support the course full-time on their co-op work terms. They hold office hours, mark assignments and assessments, etc.

Zahra Ahmed (part-time)
Office Hours:M 3:30PM - 5PM
Kurt Dietrich
Office Hours:T 9AM - 11AM, Th 1PM - 2:30PM, F 1PM - 2:30PM
Ben Hicks (part-time)
Office Hours:T 10AM - 11AM
Amy Li
Office Hours:T 9AM - 11AM, W 9AM - 10AM, Th 9AM - 10AM, F 9AM - 10AM
Simon Li
Office Hours:M 10:30AM - 12PM, T 9AM - 11AM, W 11AM - 12PM, Th 11AM - 12PM
Yuying Li
Office Hours:M 12PM - 1PM, T 1PM - 2:30PM, Th 2:30PM - 3:30PM, F 1PM - 3PM
Ariel Liao
Office Hours:M 10:30AM - 12PM, T 9AM - 11AM, W 2:30PM - 3:30PM, F 9AM - 11AM
Shicong Liu
Office Hours:M 3:30PM - 5PM, T 3:30PM - 5PM, W 10AM - 12PM
Amy Luo
Office Hours:M 3:30PM - 5PM, T 9AM - 11AM, W 3:30PM - 5PM, Th 9AM - 10AM
Adam Mehdi
Office Hours:M 3:30PM - 5PM, T 2:30PM - 3:30PM, Th 3:30PM - 5PM, F 3:30PM - 5PM
Jimmy Pham
Office Hours:M 10:30AM - 12PM, T 9AM - 11AM, W 1PM - 2:30PM
Bani Singh
Office Hours:M 12PM - 1PM, T 9AM - 10AM, W 9AM - 10AM, F 11AM - 12PM and 3PM - 4PM
Enze Xing
Office Hours:T 9AM - 11AM, Th 10AM - 12PM, F 10AM - 11AM

Teaching Assistants (TAs)

TAs are CS graduate students that help with marking assignments and exams.