CS 145: Designing Functional Programs (Advanced Version)


Lecture slides will not be distributed. Lecture summaries, example code, and other handouts prepared as necessary can be found at the links below. Assignment questions can be found on the Assignments page.

The Fall 2020 lecture summaries can be found here. Most things covered here will be applicable to the Fall 2023 offering.

The Fall 2015 lecture summaries can be found here. Please be aware that these were created for a different version of the course, so many course-specific policies and suggestions are outdated.

An optional reading regarding order notation (including notes on the tabular methods) can be found here. You may find some of it useful after seeing Assignment 6.

The handout directory contains some useful resources, such as past-year midterms.

You must be a registered student to access the lecture summaries. Course materials are the copyrights of the instructors. Do not redistribute course materials without explicit permission.

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