CS 487/687: Introduction to Symbolic Computation



Following directions

The penalty for not following directions (i.e., submitting late, etc) will be a 15% deduction per day. Please read assignments carefully and follow the instructions. If in doubt, ask!


Submission Logistics

All assignments are due in Crowdmark at the date and time indicated; submission instructions are on the assignments as well.
Maple code code should be sent the course account attached as a single plain-text file with extensions ".mpl".
Sufficient comments should always be included to make the code clear and understandable; at the very least, you must document each function with a brief purpose and a description of the input and output.
Comments should clearly indicate where the solution to each question or part begins and ends. Do not e-mail worksheets as attachments.

Plagiarism Policy

Senate Undergraduate Council has asked us to post the following paragraph:

"Students are expected to know what constitutes academic integrity, to avoid committing academic offenses, and to take responsibility for their actions. Students who are unsure whether an action constitutes an offense, or who need help in learning how to avoid offenses (e.g., plagiarism, cheating) or about 'rules' for group work/collaboration should seek guidance from the course professor, TA, academic advisor, or the Undergraduate Associate Dean. For information on categories of offenses and types of penalties, students should refer to Policy #71, Student Academic Discipline, http://www.adm.uwaterloo.ca/infosec/Policies/policy71.htm. Students who believe that they have been wrongfully or unjustly penalized have the right to grieve; refer to Policy #70, Student Grievance, http://www.adm.uwaterloo.ca/infosec/Policies/policy70.htm."

All work in CS 487/687 is to be done individually. The penalty for plagiarism is an assigned mark of negative 100 percent of the value of the assignment or test, consistent with School of Computer Science policy. In addition, a letter detailing the offense is sent to the Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, meaning that subsequent offenses will carry more severe penalties, up to suspension or expulsion. To avoid inadvertently incurring this penalty, you should discuss assignment issues with other students only in a very broad and high-level fashion. Do not take notes during such discussions, and avoid looking at anyone else's code, on screen or on paper. If you find yourself stuck, contact the teaching assistant or instructor for help.

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