MarkUs Help

You must submit your assignment on MarkUs before the due date. Make sure that you:

  • Do coding questions using DrRacket.
  • Use the exact filenames given at the top of the assignment under “Files to submit”.
  • Use the Racket language level stated.
  • Check the Basic Test results.

You can submit an assignment as many times as you want before the due date. By default, we will mark the last submission that was submitted before the end of the late penalty period (see Assignment Policies ).

Logging into MarkUs

To log in to MarkUs, please ensure that you are doing the following:

If encounter problems, please e-mail with your Quest userid and a brief description of your error.

Submitting Assignments

What to doWhat you should see
Log into MarkUs
Click the assignment name (A00)
Note the "Submissions" box says how many files you've submitted and how many are missing. The "Assignment Rules" box gives the exact file names you need to use for your submissions as well as the due date.
Click the "Submissions" tab near the top of the page. It will list the files already submitted (bottom) as well as those that are still missing (yellow background).
Click the "Add or Replace Files" button. This will give you a standard file dialog you can use to find the file or files to upload. Click "Submit".You don't really need to see this image, right?
Click "Submit"

Deleting files

You can delete files by checking the files you want to delete in the table, and clicking ‘Delete’ button.

Viewing past actions (assignment history)

Your instructor may allow you to view your past submissions. In that case, you will see a table under the “Assignment History” heading that shows your past submissions, and any actions that MarkUs or the course staff may have done on your account.

  • DATE AND TIME column shows when the submission or action was performed.
  • AUTHOR column shows who performed the action. The bottom-most row will show “markus”; this is just markus creating the assignment folder for you.
  • CHANGES column shows the change that happened. If you replace a file, the change will be labelled “Updated” even if you didn’t actually make any changes to the file.
  • DOWNLOAD FILES column shows the files in your account after the change. You can click on a file name to download the file. If you lose your work (ex. your computer crashed), you can download a backup here if you’ve submitted it before.
  • TEST SUMMARY column will only show up if your instructor has enabled it. It will show you a summary of the Basic Test results. Click the summary to see more details.

Running a Basic Test

Basic tests are run automatically upon submission. You can find the results in your email or by clicking the “Test Results” link in the Assignment History table.

If, for some very odd reason, you need to kick off a Basic Test manually, there is a button for that purpose.

Viewing Assignment Marks and Results

Once marking for an assignment is completed, you can see your mark for each assignment on your MarkUs home page. For a more detailed breakdown of your mark along with marker comments, click the “Results” link.

  • On the right is your mark breakdown:
    • Marks: Under this tab you can see the mark you received for each criterion.
    • Summary: Under this tab you can see the weight for each category and how your mark was added up.
  • On the left is the code for one of your files. You can view different files by using the drop-down menu near the top-left.
  • To see marker comments, put your mouse over any part of your work that is in yellow. A box will appear with the marker’s comments about that particular line of code, or a general note about your submission.
  • The “Annotations” tab contains a list of all the comments a marker has made to your assignment. Click on the link at the top left of each comment to go to the associated code.