CS349 User Interfaces
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Setting up Git

When you register for this course, we will create a Git repository for you at https://git.uwaterloo.ca. This will be the repository that you use for all of your assignments this term. These instructions help you setup Git to use for your assignments.

For those that are new to Git, there is a Git walkthrough explaining the basic workflow that you will use in this course.

Invitation email

You will receive an an invitation email at the start of the term that you must accept in order to be able to access the repo.

Note: If you have a “friendly” email set (e.g., jane.doe@uwaterloo.ca), you may need to login using that rather than your “actual” UWaterloo userid (e.g., j349doe@uwaterloo.ca). If you have trouble, email Caroline Kierstead and she can re-send the invitation manually to your “actual” userid.

To get a local copy

You will need to get a local working copy of your repository.

  1. Log into git.uwaterloo.ca and get the URL to your repository (Clone dropdown, then Clone with HTTPS and copy it).
  2. git clone <url to your repository> cs349 . This will produce a directory named cs349 with empty subdirectories A1 though A4.
  3. Your assignment should be placed in the appropriate subdirectory.

To submit an assignment

  1. Make sure that your required files are in the appropriate subdirectory, in the repository that you cloned above.
  2. git add all of your files.
  3. git commit to commit them to the repository.
  4. git push to send changes to the server.

To confirm that you submitted correctly

You can do one of two things:

  1. git clone to a new, different location and test to make sure this copy works correctly, or
  2. Login to git.uwaterloo.ca and inspect your repository to see that everything was submitted correctly.