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The weekly tutorials for CS 135 are designed to reinforce concepts introduced in lecture, as well as give extra guidance in preparation for assignments and exams. The format will be more interactive than lectures in order to provide a more dynamic learning environment. Because space is limited, students should attend their assigned tutorial. The ISA and/or IA will lead the tutorial, which will provide additional practice for assignments and examples of recently covered concepts from lecture.

Bring your iClicker to tutorials. Unlike lectures, clicker questions in tutorials are not for marks. However, if at the end of the term your final mark is just below 50% or 60%, we may look at your clicker responses in tutorials to decide if we should round your mark up.

The outline of each week’s tutorial and possibly any starter code will usually be posted under Course Materials each week after the tutorials, by Monday morning. Any questions or issues can be emailed to the course account.